Manage Content, Not Paper:

Intcom Systems Document Management software supports the flow of document-centric business processes for any type of organization.
Built-in features that provide relationships to content, history audits, traceability and most of all – ease of use – provide an efficient workflow to the most critical aspects of your process.
Our cloud-based software provides the critical tools to help you adapt our document management application to your specific use cases quickly and easily.

The number one thing you need when you search for a document is the speed and efficiency of how you find it, everything else is waste, redundancy and cost!

The traditional way to find a paper document is to go to the filing cabinet look under a letter, flick through and then retrieve what you need. Sometimes it is there, sometimes it’s under another letter (misfiled), and then you skim through looking for the information you need.

The network folder way, would be click, click, click, on your mouse on the folders you want to get the document from. Sometimes it is in the folder, Sometimes multiple versions are there, Sometimes it is in a similar folder (e.g. Clients vs. Customers) or if you know the name of the document (sounds simple right?) you can click in the search box the name you think it is.

With our software it takes the Sometimes out of it, the whole document is searchable, words, numbers, everything. In addition when you save the document you can tag it with additional fields that make sense for your business, Project Name, Customer Name, Document Date, Invoice, Proposal, the list can be endless. Once you have tagged it, all the information attached to those tags now become searchable.

What do you have? The absolute fastest way to find the document you are looking for, with no wasted time, redundancy or cost

Document Management in the Cloud

  • Simplicity meets accessibility
  • Enjoy connecting with Mac, PC, smartphones, and tablets
  • Successfully access your files on the go
  • Peace of mind that you can approve documents at anytime
  • Don’t dream about going paperless, make it a reality

Benefits of  Document Cloud

  • Keep Documents Organized
  • Share Files Quickly and Easily
  • Manage File Access
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Save Time and Money
  • Backup Included

No Internal IT Staff Required

Lower Costs

No software license cost or server cost. Let our servers do the work and let our team maintain the servers and software updates. Pay one low rate each month to use our equipment and our software.

Save money as you save time. No more clicking your fingers and searching through folders and papers in your file cabinet. No more trips to the file room. No more searching for an important document lost in a sea of paper on your desk.

Organize & Share

  • Share documents globally with granted access rights.
  • Organize files in an easy to navigate folder structure with indexing and full-text search capabilities.
  • Print and email documents instantly.
  • Approve workflow documents on the go.
  • Audit who is accessing the files and all actions being done

Secure Data Center

  • Restricted key card building access & video monitoring.
  • Dual distribution electrical path into the data center.
  • Uninterruptible power supply system with 24 hours of battery power backup.
  • Standby generator on site with automatic transfer switch and on site fuel storage with more than 1 week of reserve.
  • Fire protection with pre-action sprinkler system and FM-200 gas fire suppression system.
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