Electronic signatures are the way businesses get documents signed and close deals faster. Today, e-signature solutions have evolved to encompass much more than just collecting signatures electronically—leading solutions automate the entire process, from document creation and assembly, to collaboration and execution, to archiving. These solutions replace the traditional, manual steps of getting signatures and approvals with the advantages of working in the cloud—delivering speed, efficiency, compliance, and instant global access.


Leading organizations are embracing e-signatures as a way to create competitive advantage and complete business transactions faster, both locally and globally, taking advantage of the fact that a majority of countries have granted e-signatures the same legal equivalence as handwritten signatures. Customers are comfortable conducting business using web and mobile devices, and they’re demanding digital experiences so they can conduct business anytime, anywhere.

Automate signing and approvals across your entire organization.

With Adobe Sign, you can reduce signing and approval processes from days to minutes, improve staff collaboration and mobility, and create great customer experiences. Customers choose Adobe Sign because of its remarkably easy-to-use web and mobile experiences, superior workflow design tools , and top-rated prebuilt integrations that minimize setup time. Adobe Sign is a part of Adobe Document Cloud, the only complete solution for achieving end-to-end digital transformation of your most critical document processes.

With Adobe Sign, you can:

• Sign anything, anywhere, on any device.
• Track document progress wherever you are.
• Tailor workflows to meet your unique business requirements.
• Work with the enterprise apps and business systems you use every day.
• Get up and running quickly in a few easy steps.
• Proceed with confidence that your electronic signatures are legal, secure, and compliant

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